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Djansang (Akpi, Munguella, Bofeko, Wama, Okhuen, Ricinodendron heudelotii) - 300g

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$9.99 CAD
  • Its pronounced taste is similar to that of Peanuts. Fleshy, velvety and warm.
  • Djansang (Akpi) is used to flavor sauces and marinades.
  • Excellent for thickening broths, soups and creams.
  • Source of lipids, proteins and calcium.
  • Reduce to a paste before incorporating into the preparation.
Djansang (Akpi) nuts come from a fast growing tree of the forest peoples of West and Central Africa. These nuts are used as a flavoring and thickener in sauces and fish or meat broths. They have a very strong taste, similar to peanuts. Djansang (Akpi) has a delicious flavor with an aromatic and warm taste. It contains fat, lipids, protein and calcium. Cooking method: Djansang (Akpi) is eaten cooked. It is recommended to add it at the last moment of cooking; this allows to keep the maximum of flavors and aromas. It is ground or reduced to a leg before adding it to the cooking. Djansang (Akpi) is generally used to thicken soups, make sauces, meat or fish broths. In Cameroon, for example, Djansang (Akpi) is often used to season bouillons au mâchoiron (Arius africanus). When a sauce is very light, Djansang (Akpi) is also used to thicken it in addition to seasoning it. The seeds can also be used to make a sauce such as peanut sauce. Some recipes roast nuts before reducing to a paste and making a sauce.