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Penja white pepper (Poivre Blanc de Penja en Grain) - 100 g

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  • Penja white pepper is unique of its kind: A powerful and very aromatic taste for a woody and spicy character. It brings a warm, round and persistent presence in your mouth.
  • For a wonderful seasoning of all your meats (poultry, lamb, beef, pork), seafood and fish, particularly firm fish such as sole, Penja white pepper is recommended.
  • Penja white pepper is suitable for smoke meat, barbecue, a half-cooked foie gras, filet mignon roast and rillettes. Its use extends to absolutely all dishes.
  • Penja white pepper enhance the taste of salad dressings, eggs, mushroom dishes, potato or mash dishes, fried vegetables of all kinds and cheeses.
  • Use it for your fruity desserts: pie, fruit salads, crumble, pan-fried fruit, etc. Penja white pepper in association with chocolate is magnificent!
  • Cooking mode: Prefer to grind or crush it and add near end of cooking to keep the maximum flavor. Penja white pepper is recognized as one of the best in the world.